Real Estate Markets Quarterly – Autumn 2024

Welcome to the Autumn edition of our Real Estate Markets Quarterly!

In this edition, we delve into recent industry developments and offer insights into the trends that will shape real estate markets in 2024.

Features in this edition include:

  1. An industry spotlight on Co-Founder and Director, Natalie Rayment
  2. Exploring incentives for Build-to-Rent Developments
  3. Changes Impacting Build-to-Rent Projects
  4. Updates to the Unfair Contract Terms Regime and the Impact on Your Standard Form Lease
  5. Understanding Foreign Investment in Land and Business Assets in New Zealand
  6. 2024 Predictions for Private Credit in the Real Estate Market
  7. Navigating Corporate Tenant Insolvency – What Power do Landlords Have?
  8. Compulsory Acquisition – What You Need to Know
  9. Privacy and Cyber Updates for Real Estate Markets in 2024
  10. Dispute Minimisation Strategies to Consider When Adopting Distributed Energy Resources

Partner, Head of Real Estate Markets