Our Culture.

Our Story.

We built Hamilton Locke because we recognised that the business of law needed to evolve.

Law firms are notoriously resistant to change. If we wanted to build a culture that drove the right behaviours, we needed to start with a blank sheet of paper and with a clear purpose. So we did.

Built from the ground up, we had a unique opportunity to state a clear purpose; to create better alignment between the lived experience of our people and the experience of our clients; to create an opportunity to bring capital to bear on the business; and to create an opportunity for everyone to share in the value that we build together over time.

We have expanded across Australia and New Zealand, and are recognised as one of Australia’s fastest growing law firms. We are culture-led, with a clear strategy and structure to match.

We are building adjacent business lines that offer clients a broader array of products and services that support their businesses and create experiences that allow our people to grow and develop personally and professionally.

Our Guiding Principles.

Our core principles guide how we operate as a business, ensuring we stay focused on giving our clients the best possible experience.


We have smart, dedicated people that thirst for learning and growth opportunities – we are happiest when we are doing difficult things well. We strive to give our people the best possible personal development experience by empowering them to be their best and fostering a collaborative and supportive culture.


We are action-oriented and we roll up our sleeves to get things done. Because we are culture-led, we can give all of our attention to achieving the best outcomes for our clients.


Our integrated offering drives seamless service delivery for our clients across different teams. Collaboration is ingrained in our culture and means we can deliver creative solutions no one team could alone.


We will stand with our clients, make commercial judgements and we are accountable for the outcomes. Our people make it their job to understand the risks and opportunities in our clients’ businesses and industries.


We are not just a law firm. We add value by bringing the whole group to find a solution and connecting the dots for our clients by providing access to capital, talent and opportunities through our extensive networks.

What you can expect.

Hamilton Locke is founded on the belief that by championing our people to pursue passions, projects and pastimes – everyone wins.

From cutting-edge technology to self-development programs, we aim to cultivate a workplace where our people are energised to collaborate, learn and develop.


Below are some of the things you can expect when working with Hamilton Locke.

da Vinci

Our da Vinci Development Program encourages employees to try new hobbies by subsidising the cost and providing additional annual leave

Birthday Leave

Half-day birthday leave

Social Events

Regular drinks, parties and other social events


We have invested in state-of-the-art systems to make flexibility a part of our culture, making it easy to work in a way that works for you


A competitive remuneration package, including equity pursuant to the firm’s ESOP


A clear and transparent performance bonus scheme, which rewards financial and non-financial contributions

Technology and Process

We adopt technology, platforms and processes which aim to reduce administrative burden for our people

Professional Development

Regular lunch and learns, strategy days and retreats, continuous feedback and our Dux Academy teach a broad range of technical and leadership skills at all levels


We are a culture-led organisation and strive for a fun, collaborative and high-performing team environment


All employees hold equity - making everyone an owner


We involve all of our people in the broader strategy of the firm

Annual Trip

Subsidised annual team trip involving hiking and adventure activities