Hamilton Locke Recognised in the 2025 Edition of Best Lawyers in Australia

Hamilton Locke has once again been recognised in the 17th edition of The Best Lawyers in Australia Report, Best Lawyers: Lawyer of the Year Awards and Best Lawyers: One to Watch list.

Additionally, in the 2025 edition of The Best Lawyers in Australia, our partners have been recognised across 17 practice areas.

Name Practice Recognised Since
Brad Allen Banking and Finance Law 2020
Structured Finance Law 2020
Brett Heading Agriculture and Rural Affairs 2012
Commercial Law 2012
Corporate Law 2012
Equity Capital Markets Law 2012
Mergers and Acquisitions Law 2012
Deanna Carpenter Corporate Law 2025
Equity Capital Markets Law 2025
Mergers and Acquisitions Law 2025
Guy Sanderson Mergers and Acquisitions Law 2014
Hal Lloyd Corporate Law 2016
Distressed Investing and Debt Trading Practice 2016
Venture Capital Law 2016
Justin Fox Corporate / Governance Practice 2010
Corporate Law 2010
Mergers and Acquisitions Law 2010
Mark Schneider Insolvency and Reorganization Law 2021
Michael Boyce Mining Law 2021
Natural Resources Law 2021
Michael Tooma Government Practice 2010
Litigation 2010
Occupational Health and Safety Law 2010
Nicholas Edwards Litigation 2025
Nicholas Humphrey Venture Capital Law 2009
Peter Williams Mergers and Acquisitions Law 2022
Shaun Hardcastle Corporate Law 2021
Equity Capital Markets Law 2021
Mergers and Acquisitions Law 2021
Sophie Bradshaw Commercial Law 2016
Tim Grave Alternative Dispute Resolution 2014
Litigation 2014
Trent Thorne Agriculture and Rural Affairs 2021
Alternative Dispute Resolution 2021
Tricia Moloney Banking and Finance Law 2018
Project Finance and Development Practice 2018
Structured Finance Law 2018
Zina Edwards Banking and Finance Law 2025

Brett Heading, Chairman of Partners has been named as the recipient of Best Lawyers’ “Lawyer of the Year – Agriculture and Rural Affairs”.

Hamilton Locke Special Counsel Ben Fisher has been recognised in Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in Australia in the category ‘Insolvency and Reorganization Law”.

For over three decades, Best Lawyers has been a trusted publication in the legal profession, undertaking a peer-reviewed methodology to identify top legal talent.

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Chairman of Partners


Deputy Managing Partner

Partner, Head of Corporate – Melbourne

Partner, Head of ESG

Partner, Head of Restructuring & Insolvency

Managing Partner

Partner, Head of Corporate



Partner, Head of Finance

Special Counsel