‘Technical advice in plain English’ – Charmian Holmes Speaks to our Innovative Business Model and Winning the Client Choice Awards

Hamilton Locke Partner, Charmian Holmes, was profiled on our innovative approach to work and its influence on our recent win as “Best Banking, Finance & Insurance Firm (<$30m revenue)” at the 2023 Client Choice Awards.

With a focus on client experience (Cx) as one of our key pillars, our unique strengths lie in our commitment to evolving the legal sector, stepping out of the box, offering creative solutions and providing technical advice in clear terms.

Charmian Holmes spoke about our unique and innovative approach to Cx and stated:

“Our strengths are technical advice delivery in a plain English and accessible way. Our ability to connect our clients across our network to do business with each other and our willingness to deliver creative responses to regulatory challenges are what sets us apart from other law firms that specialise in financial services.

It is also what allows us to work with emerging sectors and startups, even in tough economic conditions. We help them to innovate their offering but also collaborate with the traditional players in the financial services sector.

The feedback we receive from clients drives firm-wide initiatives in areas such as environment, sustainability and governance, diversity and inclusion.”

Charmian also spoke about Hamilton Locke’s recognition as a Client Choice Awardee and said:

“We use the Client Choice Awards as a key way to collect client feedback because it allows clients to give that feedback freely and anonymously, if they prefer.

Client experience is a key pillar for Hamilton Locke, alongside our people experience (PX) priorities.

We operate along industry/market segments with the aim of maintaining a strong profile across financial services, new energy, health, real estate, technology and agriculture.

We hope that our clients feel proud of us, and we certainly feel proud of them and their achievements. It is a joy and privilege to be on their business journey, experiencing the highs and lows and helping them to navigate it all.”

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Partner, Head of Funds and Financial Services