Lawyers Weekly Features Hamilton Locke’s Real Estate Markets Quarterly

Hamilton Locke’s Summer edition of our Real Estate Markets Quarterly has been featured in Lawyers Weekly.

Particular focus was given to an article written by Partner, Brit Ibanez and Lawyer, Lily Cox, highlighting the various considerations for both private lenders and legal practitioners when lodging caveats.

The article considers the potentially serious consequences practitioners may face should they fail to make reasonable enquiries into whether a proper basis exists for lodging the caveat to protect an interest in land.

Lawyers Weekly also highlights the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) as explained by Partner, Brendan Ivers, and return growth as crucial issues for the market. Our Real Estate Team at Hamilton Locke is a multi-disciplinary group with deep industry knowledge covering all sectors of the real estate market, including property, funds management, finance, construction, capital markets and litigation and dispute resolution.


Partner, Head of Real Estate Markets

Partner, Head of Litigation