Hamilton Locke’s Matt Baumgurtel and Adriaan van der Merwe Speaking at Carbon Capture Summit

Hamilton Locke Partner Matt Baumgurtel and Senior Associate Adriaan van der Merwe spoke at Trueventus’ 2022 Carbon Capture Summit on “The Opportunity for CCUS to grow a Carbon Neutral Economy”.

CCUS is the process of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil power generation and industrial processes for storage deep underground or for re-use.

We set out some key takeaways from the conference below:

  • The IEA estimates that CCUS could contribute up to 9% of the greenhouse gas mitigation effort by 2050.  CCUS therefore has an important role to play in decarbonisation.
  • The main opportunities for CCUS are:
  • capturing emissions from existing infrastructure (e.g. power plants);
  • low-carbon hydrogen production (blue H2); and
  • decarbonising challenging emissions (e.g. gas, cement, steel and fertiliser).
  • The legal framework for CCUS is well developed in Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, but harmonisation across Australia has a role to play.
  • CCUS has the potential to elongate the lifespan of carbon intensive infrastructure.
  • CCS clusters can significantly reduce costs and add to the viability of projects.
  • There is a definite first mover advantage.
  • Government support for CO2 leakage liability after the commercial life of a project will be crucial.

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