Hamilton Locke Partners with AusAgritech to Strengthen and Accelerate the Australian Agritech Sector

Hamilton Locke is delighted to announce its partnership with Australian Agritech Association (AusAgritech), supporting the association in its mission of building a world-class agritech sector in Australia.

We are excited to join AusAgritech in a two-year partnership to support the innovative startup, scaleup and at-scale ventures in the agritech space, recognising the value of the sector which has the potential to add $40Bn per annum value accretion to the Australian economy.

This partnership is an exciting step forward for the agritech ecosystem and an indication of the potential of the agritech sector and its recognition on a national scale.

Hamilton Locke Partner, Peter Williams, said, “We are delighted to partner with AusAgritech as a peak industry association to promote the interests of the agritech sector. As a firm, two of our key industry focuses are technology and agribusiness, so we are uniquely placed to support agritech which is at the intersection between these two great industries. We look forward to working with AusAgritech to enhance the agritech sector, including climate tech, environmental tech, food tech and beyond”.

AusAgritech CEO, Tracey Martin, said, “We are always strategic with our partnerships. Hamilton Locke was a strategic choice to support our mission and our members due their legal leadership across the many industries that agritech spans – technology, agriculture, climate, digitilisation and sustainability”.

Hamilton Locke has significant experience assisting founders with company establishment, structuring, fund-raising, IP commercialisation and mergers and acquisitions. We also assist both domestic and foreign investors with investments and M&A (both public and private) in Agritech, Agribusiness and Technology more broadly.

If you have any queries or require assistance, please contact Peter Williams at peter.williams@hamiltonlocke.com.au.