The Australian Legal Partnership Survey Recognises Hamilton Locke as Australia’s Fastest-Growing Law Firm

Hamilton Locke has been featured in The Australian as Australia’s fastest-growing and top 30 law firm in the publication’s latest Legal Partnership Survey. The Australian conducts a bi-annual review of the Australian legal sector and features top firms in its Legal Partnership Survey.

Hamilton Locke was mentioned in relation to its international expansion into Auckland and regarding our partner headcount growth.

The Australian stated, “Hamilton Locke, on an expansion spree, recorded a 35.7 per cent rise in partner numbers in six months and announced its expansion to Auckland.”

Hamilton Locke also featured in relation to the number of partners, female equity partners, fee-earners and graduates. Rankings include:

  • Ranked #1 out of 30 on 12-month change (%) in partners
  • Ranked #28 out of 54 on total partnership (industry-wide)
  • Ranked #15 out of 30 on total partnership (domestic-only firms)
  • Ranked #11 out of 47 on women equity partners (%)
  • Ranked #28 out of 54 on FTE partners
  • Ranked #40 out of 54 on total fee-earners
  • Ranked #52 out of 54 on fee-earner partnership ratio
  • Ranked #32 out of 54 on total graduates

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