Ready, Steady, GO! 17 hydrogen projects across Australia have signed up to the CER Guarantee of Origin scheme

With the consultation of industry and key stakeholders, Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator (CER) announced in December 2021 that it is working to develop an internationally consistent Guarantee of Origin (GO) scheme for hydrogen. On 17 May 2022, the CER confirmed that 17 hydrogen projects have signed up to a trial to help it understand how a GO scheme could work in practice.

As explored in our article, Fifty Shades of Green, there is no internationally agreed upon definition for green hydrogen (GH2), which complicates its certification. Unlike other certification schemes, the GO scheme will not focus purely on certifying GH2 but will also measure the emissions produced from several production methods and display key attributes of how and where a unit of hydrogen is produced. The scheme is said to work like a ticket, which may be distributed by third parties but will be validated on a single shared registry. This registry would ensure that the CER can monitor and trace tickets and alleviate the need to cross-check contracts.

While such a scheme will involve additional compliance costs to quantify emission intensity, the resulting emission transparency will boost the credibility and business case of renewable hydrogen producers. The GO trials will not only inform an Australian hydrogen certification scheme, but also play a role in shaping international certification standards.

A list of the hydrogen projects involved in the GO trials announced on 17 May 2022 can be seen in the table below.

Project name Company Production technology State
Hydrogen Park South Australia AGIG Electrolysis SA
Hydrogen Park Gladstone AGIG Electrolysis QLD
Hydrogen Park Murray Valley AGIG/ENGIE Electrolysis VIC
Clean Energy Innovation Park AGIG/ ATCO Electrolysis WA
Blue Economy CRC Blue Economy CRC/ Pitt & Sherry/ BOC Electrolysis TAS
Renewable Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Project BOC Electrolysis QLD
Renewable Hydrogen Production and Refuelling Project BOC Steam Methane Reforming VIC
Geraldton Export-Scale Renewable Investment BP Electrolysis WA
H2Kwinana BP/ Macquarie Capital Electrolysis WA
Clean Energy Innovation Hub ATCO Electrolysis WA
Christmas Creek Renewable Hydrogen Mobility Project FFI/FMG Electrolysis WA
Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Pilot Project Hydrogen Engineering Australia on behalf of a consortium Coal gasification VIC
Singapore Green Energy Supply Chain Incitec Pivot/ Keppel New Energy/ Temasek Electrolysis NSW
Dyno Nobel Renewable Hydrogen Project Incitec Pivot Electrolysis QLD
Western Sydney Green Gas Project “Jemena Origin Coregas” Electrolysis NSW
Port Kembla Hydrogen Hub Jemena Steam Methane Reforming NSW
Moomba Hydrogen Project Santos Steam Methane Reforming SA

Source: Clean Energy Regulator