Lawyers Weekly Spotlights Nick Humphrey and Hamilton Locke’s Approach to Flexible Working

Lawyers Weekly recently featured Hamilton Locke’s Managing Partner, Nick Humphrey, who shared insights into the firm’s approach to flexibility and flexible working arrangements.

Nick came together alongside leading Australian legal professionals to discuss the implementation and approach to office mandates, anchor days, flexibility and remote working.

The article highlights the need for law firms to evolve and adapt to modern ways of working, considering the preferences and needs of their employees, and suggests that firms that do not offer flexibility may struggle to remain competitive in attracting top talent.

Nick spoke to Lawyers Weekly and weighed in on our flexible working arrangements and noted,

“We understand that flexibility and flexible work arrangements are important to our people. The model we have developed strikes a balance between our people’s development and workplace flexibility. To support this, we do not mandate anchor days or dictate a minimum number of office days. We want to strike the right balance between providing a flexible work environment, where people have autonomy over how they work and team cohesion that comes with in-person interactions. Whilst a downfall for many, flexibility and remote working is our key strength.”

Nick also discussed the importance of our arrangements to balance in-person collaboration and flexibility and commented,

With our approach to flexible working, we understand that leaders need to be more mindful and deliberate about communication, checking in and team interactions. We believe that flexible working is not a one-size-fits-all approach and that coordination across teams is essential. Teams should decide what is best for the team within that framework. Essentially, the model we have come up with is a ‘No Rules’ rules approach — we trust our people to work collaboratively, independently and flexibly.”

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