Lawyers Weekly Features Nick Humphrey and da Vinci Development Program

Hamilton Locke Managing Partner Nick Humphrey was recently interviewed by Jerome Doraisamy at Lawyers Weekly discussing the firm’s da Vinci Development program.

Our da Vinci Development program encourages staff to participate in an initiative that is challenging and pushes them out of their comfort zone. This program aims to motivate staff members to try something new, improve or learn new skills, enhance their lifestyle and expand self-awareness. On successful coemption (partaking in at least 12 hours annually to a particular activity), participants receive an additional five days of paid leave (pro rata for part-time employees).

A few development initiatives elected by employees around the firm were profiled during Nick’s interview with Lawyers Weekly. As part of his involvement, Nick is training to be a qualified Krav Maga Instructor. Partner Trent Thorne is set to summit Mount Everest and the world’s fourth-highest mountain Lhotse in May and senior associate Maggie Chang recently attended a week-long silent meditation retreat.

In his interview, Nick also provided his insights regarding the prioritisation of having a more holistic impact on all staff and stakeholders rather than the short-term goal of simply generating profit for partners.

On the topic of incentivising holistic growth, Nick noted that firm leaders not only need to think about headcount growth but also need to think outside the box when it comes to their broader engagement and motivation to perform for their employers.

Nick spoke about the effect his firm’s da Vinci Development program has had on our people, and noted,

For us, our purpose is around our stakeholders and what’s the impact we have on our stakeholders: the individual, the team, the firm and the industry, the client, the world.”

“I know it sounds a bit grandeur, but if we can have an impact on our people so that they’re growing personally and professionally, and they’re thriving because our culture as a firm is really strong and nurturing and energetic and collaborative, then our clients will get the best possible service.”

Nick also commented,

“I realised that my personal purpose was to help other people to grow, personally and professionally, through leadership and adventure. And, then I thought, well, how cool would that be if your whole business shared that purpose with you?”

“Adventure helps you to get a sense of control if you are doing so, and being outdoors is good for the soul. Everyone knows that. It sounds like a big investment in time and energy, but the results are really important, and the clients are loving it as well.” 

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