Hamilton Locke’s Commitment to Employee Wellbeing Profiled in Law.com

Hamilton Locke is pleased to share a recent feature in Law.com, ‘The Challenger Law Firm Which Puts Staff Before Clients’, emphasising our firm’s unique approach of prioritising our people’s wellbeing as the key to our success.

The article reflects on our ongoing commitment to staff growth, high performance, and creating a workplace where every team member is empowered to thrive.

Unlike traditional law firms that often prioritise profits over people, Nick Humphrey is passionate about creating a workplace where staff flourish personally and professionally. In our efforts to build a high-performing firm, we invest significantly in staff development and training programs, allocating over A$1 million last year alone.

Nick spoke to Law.com about our approach to profit and noted,

We put our people before our clients and before profit…

If you get the people right, then happy people lead to happy clients and the profit’s just an outcome of that”.

He also commented about Hamilton Locke’s focus on purpose and stated,

“Our authentic purpose is how can we help our people to flourish and grow personally and professionally?…

 There’s this deep purpose of science to it, which is if your people are growing, they have a greater sense of control and they don’t feel like that it’s all about work…

 It actually then gives me permission to make sure that I’m investing in leadership training and other things like mindfulness training and positivity training…

 designing an environment where everyday the lived experiences, energetic, nurturing, supportive, we will give you whatever resources you need to run hard and grow.”

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