Hamilton Locke Appoints Executive Director, Sónia Cruz

Hamilton Locke is delighted to announce the appointment of Executive Director of Licensing, Sónia Cruz, further bolstering our Funds and Financial Services team in Sydney.

Sónia brings over 21 years of practical financial services and compliance experience across a range of financial services sectors. She provides licensing and compliance advice to a broad range of financial services and credit businesses, including financial planners, insurers, insurance brokers, underwriting agencies, lenders, mortgage brokers, payment providers, fund/investment managers, participants in the carbon markets, FX businesses and cryptocurrency businesses.

Prior to joining Hamilton Locke, Sónia worked at The Fold Legal, which recently merged with Hamilton Locke. Prior to that, she held roles across a number of multinational organisations encompassing compliance, financial planning and stock broking.


Executive Director – Licensing