EIR Insights: Committee Inquiry into the Need and Potential for Dispatchable Generation and Storage Capability in Australia

This article is part of a new series from Hamilton Locke’s Energy, Infrastructure and Resources team called “EIR Insights”. Stay tuned for regular updates and commentary on topical issues across the sector.

Following on from our recent article on the need for and rise of dispatchable renewable electricity generation in Australia (see: The Dawn of Dispatchable Renewables), we are pleased to see that on 24 March 2021, the House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy has resolved to inquire into the current circumstances, and the future need and potential for dispatchable energy generation and storage capability in Australia.

The Committee is accepting written submissions, addressing one or more of the terms of reference to be received by Friday 7 May 2021. The terms of reference listed are:

a.  current and future needs;

b.  issues related to system integration, connection, and grid transmission requirements;

c.  existing, new and emerging technologies;

d.  comparative efficiency, cost, timeliness of development and delivery, and other features of various technologies;

e.  applications to various scales and forms of end-use such as households, industry, and transport;

f.  Australia’s research and innovation development framework and policies;

g.  opportunities for Australia to grow and export dispatchable zero-emission power; and

h.  other relevant matters, including reference to international examples.

We at Hamilton Locke are already engaged with our clients in relation to this inquiry and we will be assisting in preparing submissions to the Committee in the coming weeks. We are also very interested to hear from other stakeholders in the sector on any of the items raised above. Please get in touch with our Energy, Infrastructure and Resources lead, Matt Baumgurtel, should you wish to discuss.

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