Investing for change: Combating Modern Slavery in the Renewable Energy Sector

There is a growing concern that the clean energy transition is facilitating a rise in modern slavery. The renewable energy sector relies on complex and extended supply chains where the length and complexity of these supply chains makes it difficult for businesses to accurately assess the prevalence of modern slavery practices. The supply chains in […]

Australia’s Green Financing Market: Financing Empowerment or Facilitating Greenwashing?

In the rapidly evolving world of sustainable finance, Australia’s green financing market has the potential to drive the nation towards a more sustainable future. However, a critical question emerges – is this burgeoning sector genuinely empowering environmentally friendly initiatives, or is it merely presenting a superficial image of sustainability? There is a delicate balance between […]

How to Solve the Problem of Decommissioning?

What are the issues? Project proponents for wind, solar and battery projects are in a race to secure optimal land near transmission infrastructure for projects as the new energy transition and the race to net zero speeds up. Often, negotiations to secure the land are with individual landowners who have been farming on the land […]

A Collective Breeze: Joint Ventures in Offshore Wind Projects

Joint ventures (JVs) are common in the offshore wind industry due to the scale, complexity, and capital required for such projects. This is because JVs enable players to pool their resources, share risks and leverage complementary expertise to enter this high barrier market.1 There has been a whirlwind of activity in Australia following the incumbent […]

(Super)funding Renewable Energy Projects

Recent developments in the renewable energy industry mean that the appetite for the construction, development, and operation of renewable energy projects is stronger than ever and super funds are emerging as key participants. Developments include the recent establishment of a regulatory framework for offshore renewable energy projects which has led to many opportunities for potential […]

Legal Update – Climate-Related Financial Disclosures set to be Mandated

Background The draft exposure of the Treasury Laws Amendments Bill 2024: Climate-related financial disclosure (Bill) was released by the Treasury on 12 January 2024. The Bill, which is open to the public for consultation until 9 February 2024, seeks to introduce mandatory climate-related financial disclosures through amendments to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act) […]