Raising Capital in uncertain times

With market volatility at an all-time high, it is hard not to compare these last few weeks to the market upheaval we experienced during the GFC. We expect many entities will find themselves navigating unexpected challenges. What options are available to listed entities that find themselves particularly impacted by these difficult times? Depending on the […]

Debt trading amongst the Coronavirus chaos

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic currently sweeping the globe has brought with it unprecedented chaos not seen before in this lifetime. While it may be months or even years before the economic effects of COVID-19 are fully realised, many businesses both domestically and globally – and their financiers and other stakeholders – are already, understandably concerned […]

Distressed M&A – What You Need to Know

Private and public companies are potentially facing significant supply chain disruptions, store and office closures and reduced consumer spending. These issues, together with travel restrictions, market volatility and general economic uncertainty have had, and will continue to have, an impact on M&A transactions worldwide. When faced with these realities, distressed companies can turn to M&A […]