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Our Story

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We built Hamilton Locke because we recognised that the business of law needed to evolve. Law firms are notoriously resistant to change. If we wanted to build a culture that drove the right behaviours, we needed to start with a blank sheet of paper and with a clear purpose. So we did.

Our story


Built from the ground up, we had a unique opportunity to state a clear purpose; to create better alignment between the lived experience of our people and the experience of our clients; to create an opportunity to bring capital to bear on the business; and to create an opportunity for everyone to share in the value that we build together over time.

Our story



We are now one of Australia’s fastest growing law firms. We are culture-led, with a clear strategy and structure to match. We are building adjacent business lines that offer clients a broader array of products and services that support their businesses and create experiences that allow our people to grow and develop personally and professionally.